Unrigged Jelly Prawn

Whether to use as a replacement for your fish-chewed Jelly Prawn or to rig in your own style, a pack of Unrigged Jelly Prawns will keep you on top of your game. After several large fish, some of your Jelly Prawn Lures can become damaged by the constant abuse inflicted on them. Be it at the hands of a toothy mackerel or tailor or the rattling head shakes of a leaping barra, Jelly Prawns can eventually succumb. A quick drop of superglue is usually enough to keep you in the action but eventually, you may need a replacement body.

Unrigged Jelly Prawns can be used on any standard jig head allowing you to customise the lure to suit your style of fishing. They are also manufactured with a channel through the body to accommodate an Evolution Jig Head. This allows you to rapidly replace the body on your Evolution Jelly Prawn and maintain that classic backwards kicking Jelly Prawn action.

The unique body shape and stalked eyes of a Jelly Prawn Lures truly matches the real thing! Using Unrigged Jelly Prawns on your own selection of jig heads allows you to reap the rewards of this realism on a jig head that will take it where it needs to be.

Use Unrigged Jelly Prawns can be used as a replacement to your fish-chewed lures or can be custom-rigged to your own specifications. You can really get creative with Unrigged Jelly Prawns and use them to suit whatever method you require to catch those fish of a lifetime.

Packs of four (100mm)
or six (70mm)



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