How to fish your new Jelly Prawn lures

The Jelly Prawn's action is different to most other plastics in that it swims when you pause.

To explain: after the Jelly hits the water you should let it sink to the desired depth, then give it a very slight flick of the rod tip and wind up the slack. When you do this the prawn will ‘flick’, because the tow point is in the middle of the very jelly-like body and the pulling action, against the water, makes it rapidly double over and jerk backwards. Then, when you pause, the prawn straightens out and the forward weight and design means the plastic dives downwards, head first. It really does look very prawn-like. However, there are some things that you need to be aware of: Firstly, if you work this lure too quickly, it has all the culinary appeal of a double quarter pounder after you’ve sat through a late night showing of Super Size Me.

What I mean is that without plenty of controlled pauses, the prawn doesn’t get a chance to ‘swim’; it just stays doubled over and looks nothing like a live prawn. The magic is in the pause!

With the Weedless model this is even more essential, as it’s quite light and has very impressive hang time. I found a few times I put it into snags, twitched it, the barra came charging out and took a whack, missed, and then in my haste and excitement my natural reaction from years of working hard bodies was to twitch it continually and rapidly to bring the fish back. In fact, the opposite was the case, and in order for the Jelly to swim back down, I had to force myself to do nothing after the strikes. More hook-ups followed.

* This review came from NQ Fish and Boat

Use the graphics below to discover how best to use Jelly Prawns where you fish ...