Original Jelly Prawn

The Original Jelly Prawn was initially designed as a substitute for live bait. The shock was it outperforms live bait. With its incredibly life-like tail-flicking action, the Original Jelly Prawn fools any predatory fish.

These lures are equally at home fishing the flats in less than a metre of water or being jigged down to 10m deep. They have accounted for dozens of different species of fish. Basically, if it swims and eats, then an Original Jelly Prawn Lure will catch it. From Jungle Perch in mountain streams to saratago in cool, quiet billabongs; barramundi in deep estuarine snags and fingermark around coastal headlands and bombies – the Original Jelly Prawn has fooled them all.

While designed for tropical species, the Original Jelly Prawn is also making a name for its self in southern waters – achieving great results on bream, whiting, flathead, snapper and mulloway.

No tackle box is complete without a selection Original Jelly Prawns to match the hatch on those really tough days.

Use For targeting fish that are sulking and only likely to eat the most tempting of meals. Retrieve with small flicks and hops followed by long pauses that allow the lure to glide forwards and down. Strikes come on the pause so strike back at any nudges or taps.

Packs of three



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