Mini Jelly Prawn

The development of the Mini Jelly Prawn Lures came on the back of the great success of the Original. Those who were flicking Original Jelly Prawns for mangrove jack and barramundi in the north, or flathead and jewfish in the south, were flooding us with constant reports of good bream and whiting climbing all over their lures.

Many requests came through for a smaller, finesse version of the Jelly Prawn and so the Mini Jelly Prawn line began as a custom product for those who wanted the edge on these tough-to-fool targets. It wasn’t long though until larger species like barramundi, fingermark, tarpon and trophy flathead decided to get in on the party.

The Mini soon became the fallback lure of many anglers whenever fish of all sizes are feeding on smaller prawns. Now the Mini Jelly Prawns, in both flick tail and vibration styles, are available as a standard product in our range and the advantages of these great lures can be reaped by one and all.

No matter where you fish, you have to grab yourself a pack of minis. You won't regret it.

Use Mini Jelly prawns should be cast to fish-holding structure, allowed to sink into the strike zone and fished with very subtle flicks and twitches. Not only a must-have for bream and whiting anglers, these are equally at home whenever sportfish are feeding on smaller prawns.

Packs of four



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